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A Little About Us

We are a multi-disciplinary company that works at all levels of organizations to unlock more value and impact. We view our job as taking all the ideas, needs, and questions of people and organizations, help make sense of them, and then design and deliver beautiful solutions that create progress.
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We aspire to democratize continuous growth opportunities and experiences for everyone in the workplace.
What We Value:

Our Impact So Far

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Average NPS


This represents the average Net Promoter Score we have received across all our engagements.
Confidence Score


The average confidence in applying learned approaches in order to build new habits and grow capability.
Global In Nature


We have customers and learners in 18 countries. We value this diverse perspective more than anything.
Why Us

Anything but check the box. We reimagine how people learn, grow, and work.


Do the best work of your life.

Blank Page exists to create the conditions for everyone to do the best work of their lives. We do this by bringing people together to create real moments of impact. A moment of impact is an interaction or experience that gives people the agency to do something different in order to do it better. We aim to create millions of these moments, and in doing so, we believe we can completely transform how people in the workplace learn, grow, and deliver value on a daily basis

We are a people business.

In a world where everyone wants to declare themselves a technology company, we are distinctly declaring ourselves as a people company. Design and technology are simply ways that we enable people to create value, find fulfillment in their work, and continuously grow. We do this through personal, relevant, and actionable experiences.

Democratizing growth.

We create growth experiences that people in the workplace need. Simple as that. We do it better than anyone else by applying design to create the best possible interactions between people and organizations to shape completely new ways of working and growing. Everything we do is focused on creating better workplaces through reimagining how people interact, work, and grow. While we produce different types of services and products, which all have specific value propositions, all those offerings are connected by this over-arching approach.

Meet Us

Leadership Team

Meet our passionate and dedicated leadership team.

Cyndee Lake

Cyndee has led our company for 10+ years and worked as an executive across different industries for 20 years before founding Blank Page.

Rob Lake

Rob has ensured the profitability and efficiency of our business as a co-founder and brings 30+ years of high-tech leadership experience.

David Freemyer
Chief Design Officer

David leads design at Blank Page with 10 years of experience using design to improve how people work and grow in the workplace.

Lori Dipprey
Chief Product Officer

Lori leads product development at Blank Page with years of executive experience in technical systems and talent strategy.

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