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GuideLabs is a continuous growth platform that brings together digital content, live-learning experiences, and practical tools to empower any audience to build habits that matter.
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Changing an Industry

A Problem Worth Solving

People matter to organizations. We know that because human capital makes up 40-60% of the operating expenses and value for most businesses globally. But, are we collectively investing in the development of our people in the most impactful way? 

High Investment

So, we invest a lot in their growth and development at all levels. Almost $500B globally, and that number is only increasing (which is great).


But, we spend that money on a wide-variety of disconnected, unpersonalized, and generic development solutions.

Low Adoption

Which ultimately leads to no change in behavior. In fact, only 12% of people actually apply what they learn to their daily work.

Business Risk

This all puts engagement, innovation, top-talent, and business performance at risk unnecessarily. Our solutions are looking to change this.

Common Use Cases

Growth & Development Solutions for Any Audience

We work with you to activate growth anywhere in the organization. Solutions for individuals, teams, and the entire enterprise are curated by connecting your unique needs and desired outcomes with components and features from our core growth products to create a journey that is highly-personalized and impactful.  
Results That Matter

Proven Impact


Impact On Daily Work

85% of learners reported significant to exceptional impact when they apply GuideLabs practices to their daily work.


Promotion Rate

Learners in GuideLabs have consistently been 3x more likely to be promoted.


Job Relevance

This measures relevance of knowledge and practices to job performance

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